Meet the Mat

Protect little ones
Our play mats create a perfectly safe space for your little one to roll, crawl and play. Optimal comfort and protection for your little one.
Learning through play
Our play mats encourage play, freedom of movement, concentration and creativity. Playing helps them master all the skills they need to thrive in our fast-moving, ever-changing world.

Ultra thick & supportive

Our multi-layered padded play mats provide maximum comfort and protection and make playing more enjoyable than ever. They are durable, made from a thick 2 cm shock-absorbent foam core and are engineered to support the growth of your child’s development.

Reversible design

Our play mats are double-sided and available in various patterns and pictures, all designed to capture and engage your child's curiosity.

Easy to clean

They are designed to withstand the mess of everyday life with little ones. A soft, damp cloth is all that's needed to clean up spills when using our play mats.